Cancer-associated adipocytes and fibronectin matrix

Mammary acini

Engineered microvessel

α-SMA staining of mouse prostate and peri-prostatic fat

Recent News

Claudia has written an op-ed on the need for collaborative research between engineers and cancer biologists. Fighting the War on Cancer.

Research Areas

Microenvironmental conditions (e.g., 3-D cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions) are critically important in tumor induction and progression, and mediate the establishment of metastases at preferential target sites. By exploring diversified tissue-engineered model systems and polymeric growth factor delivery strategies, our research aims at elucidating microenvironmental events that currently impair the prognosis of cancer patients and to develop new drug delivery systems for more effective treatment of cancer.

Recent Publications

Wu F, Lin D, Chang JH, Fischbach C, Estroff L, Gourdon D, Effect of the material properties of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on fibronectin deposition and conformation, Crystal Growth & Design, accepted.