Aaron Chiou

email: aec267@cornell.edu

Research Focus

Breast cancer cells preferentially metastasize to skeletal bone, yet the molecular mechanisms by which this process occurs remain largely undefined. Increasing evidence suggests that breast cancer can exert pre-metastatic effects on distant organs through the action of tumor-secreted factors released into the circulation, and elucidating the role of such factors in breast cancer cell homing to bone is critical to understanding the progression of bone metastasis. Specifically, I am interested in investigating how factors secreted by breast cancer cells affect bone structure and composition prior to metastasis, and whether these changes play a role in the formation of secondary tumors in the bone.

I received my B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University in May 2014. Outside the lab, I enjoy running, snowboarding, photography, and exploring new places and foods.

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