BME 585 Current Practice in Tissue Engineering

This course covers fundamental biological principles and engineering concepts underlying the field of tissue engineering and describes specific strategies to engineer tissues for clinical use along with examples.

BME 4190 – Laboratory Techniques for Molecular, Cellular, and Systems Engineering

This class will provide students with the skills needed for the design, fabrication, and characterization of experimental approaches relevant to Molecular, Cellular, and Systems engineering. Lectures will integrate three modules: the first module will focus on stem cell biology, differentiation, and characterization. The second module will provide a thorough understanding of polymeric scaffold design and characterization for tissue engineering applications. The third module will focus on analytic techniques suitable to analyze molecular, cellular, and systems-level signaling changes of cells in response to varied microenvironmental context. All three modules will be taught in a manner that will enable students to design and implement experimental approaches for cell manufacturing, tissue regeneration, and drug testing.

BME 3010 – Molecular Principles of Biomedical Engineering

This course aims to present a broad overview of molecular level techniques that are relevant to many aspects of biomedical engineering. It will discuss the underlying principles of these techniques, how to interpret representative data, limitations of current approaches, and engineering challenges for the development of new and improved methods.

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